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Electrical Engineer with over 30 Years experience, in Design-Development, Optimization, R&D, of Transformers & Motors, Alternators, DFIG & other electrical

devices using conventional methods as well as FEA.

He has worked with Crompton Greaves Ltd. For 21 years and is currently associated with major Transformer Companies as a Research and Development professional.

His key functional areas are Conventional as well as Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE) based design analysis of Transformers and Motors and other electrical devices.

Multi-disciplinary Optimization of Design using Genetic Algorithms & Design of Experiments (DOE).

Management of Research and Development functions.

He has presented various technical papers in International Seminars including IEEE and CIGRE

He has been instrumental in developing various software’s specifically for Transformer and Motor Industry.

  • ESMAP-2D, a generalized electromagnetic & electrostatic package for 2-D finite element analysis of Electrical devices.

  • Software for design analysis and design-to-drafting automation of industrial transformers.

  • Software for Design analysis & optimization of Gapped Core Reactors.

  • Software's for design analysis & optimization of series reactor, arc furnace transformer,industrial range and power transformers, resin-cast transformer, dry type transformer, etc.

  • Customized Software for prediction of inter-disc stresses under impulse condition for power transformers.

  • Software for lumped parameter based fluid-flow coupled thermal analysis of power transformers.

  • Design analysis and optimization software for 3-phase induction motor using Genetic Algorithms.

  • Design analysis software for single phase induction motor.

  • Design analysis software for ceiling fan motor.

  • Excel based design analysis procedure for Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG).

  • Excel based design analysis procedure for axial-flux exciter coupled with radial flux alternator.

  • Software for design analysis and optimization of BLDC motors in progress.

  • Software for single phase axial flux induction motor for ceiling fan in progress.


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