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These programs are developed with advance Mathematical logic and after experience of 3 decades. Optimization, Designing software is window based, User friendly and gives the design with an accuracy of 2% to 3%. Ideally to be used in tender designs and final work order designs. As the cost of copper, CRGO, Steel & Oil keeps on changing; these software are tools used to optimized designs with variable raw material depending on the market conditions. Ideally suitable for Transformer Manufacturing Company, Utilities who buys transformers in bulk.

    • Optimisation of designs for double wound, with separate tap winding, Auto Transformers for Tender & Works order.

    • Core Cutting schedules for 1 Phase – 3 Limbs, 3 Phase – 3 Limbs, 3 Phase – 5 Limbs etc.

    • Calculation of Stray loss, Eddy loss in winding, Tank loss, Core flitch plate loss, Turret loss etc.

    • Calculation of short Circuit Forces & Stresses in winding etc.

    • Impulse voltage distribution in disc winding for interleaved, partially interleaved, and counter shielded types.

    • Cooling calculations for winding gradients & radiators.

    • Optimisation of designs for 3 types of Reactors for Tender & Works order.

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